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  • What do VIPTrack applications? +

    VIPTrack are applications for locating a mobile device
  • How to install VIPTrack apps? +

    To install one of the VIPTrack apps on a mobile device, download the app from www.viptrack.ro. Click the downloaded file and select Install. After the installation process is over, select Open. A new window will appear. Input a valid e-mail address (you will use this address to log in your viptrack account).Activate the application.
  • Do I need mobile data for the application to work? +

    Although you do not need to have the mobile data or Wi-fi on for the application to work, it is required that you have a tariff plan with mobile data included.
  • It works regardless of the mobile network?+

    Yes. The VIPTrack apps do not take into account the mobile network that your phone is connected or the SIM card. The application will continue to work in normal parameters even if you exchange the SIM from the phone with another one.
  • What payment methods are accepted? +

    Credit card or payment order.
  • I installed the app but it does not transmit positions. +

    Restart the device. Also, make sure that during the installtion process you have an active Internet connection.
  • Can I install one of the VIPTrack apps remotely? +

    No. To install one of the VIPTrack apps it is necessary to have acces to the device on which you want to install the application.
  • I forgot my password. How can I recover it?+

    Enter the website www.viptrack.ro, input the e-mail address that you used when first installed the application on your mobile device and select reset password. You will receive on you're e-mail address a new password that you can modify later.
  • Can I install more than one VIPTrack application on my phone?+

    For a good functioning, VIPTrack recommends choosing a single application and install it on your phone.
  • Are the application visible on the mobile device? +

    VIPTrackPRO is the only application that is not visible (the icon does not appear on the phone screen, the application running in the background). The app is installed on a mobile device, but to view the transmitted positions you need to acces the website www.viptrack.ro
  • How perimeters work? +

    You can setup 1 to 5 perimeters. When the device enters or leaves one of the perimeters, the user will receive an e-mail.
  • How can I send an alert using VIPTrackPANIC? +

    You receive your alerts on the e-mail used to sign up. To send an alert press the red panic button, or shake the device, until it vibrates.
  • How can I see the positions transmitted by the device? +

    To view the locations transmitted by your device, log in on www.viptrack.ro using the e-mail address used when you installed the app on your device. From your account you have the option to Start/Stop the monitoring on your device, setting perimetres, make reports for certain periods of time, print these reports or a certain position.
  • Can I register multiple devices on the same VIPTrack account? +

    On the VIPTrack account you can register an unlimited number of devices, but a device can not be registered in more than one account.

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